As in any standard journey or quest, there will be obstacles, or monsters that are blocking you from your end goal like owning a restaurant selling halal food in hong kong. Before you can go on smoothly, you’ll have to face them, do battle with them and defeat them. I realise this won’t go down so well with advocates of non- violent resistance. But I felt it had more im- pact expressed that way.

Anyway, there are 2 major kinds of monsters that may block you from success. It’s easy. They are your inner and outer monsters. Sometimes, one can be more powerful than the other. But it is usually the inner monsters which are more powerful.
These tyrants inhibit the unconscious mental focus that allows you to go for your objective no matter what. They downplay all your efforts towards reaching your goals. They massacre any newly formed beliefs which may be supportive to your success.

In this article, we shall deal with the inner monsters. There are many different kinds of inner monsters to deal with as well. You’ll find that when you deal with your inner monsters, most, if not all, of your outer monsters disappear. This is because you had wrongly perceived them (those outer monsters) to be existent at all, due to the de- ceptions of your inner monsters.

Monster Type #1: Unhelpful, Negative Beliefs.
These monsters are the cause for your procras- tination, your unmotivated-ness and your feelings of helplessness whenever you’re faced with a temporary setback in pursuing your goal. This is quite easy to overcome with a simple technique called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). You can find out more about EFT online. It’s very easy, takes only 3 – 6 minutes of your time a day, and if you do it every day, you’ll see a great impact upon the quality of your life. EFT allows you to install, delete or edit any belief, belief statement or belief system that you have.

Monster Type #2: Memories Of Past Negative Experiences.
This is one of the most critical, and the most dangerous monsters that you can have inside you. Almost everyone, in fact, I might even say everyone, has it. The only difference is that people have varying degrees of negative experiences. I know if I don’t restrain myself, I might go too deep into this, but I will just address the issue right here, Calling Forth Your Truest & Highest Self. This is one of the strongest weapons I know of that can deal with almost any prob- lem, setback or failure you may temporarily face.

Monster Type #3: Unhelpful Bodily Conditions.
This may come in the form of pains, aches, strains and other really unpleasant stuff you may occasionally or often feel whenever you go about the day. Has it ever occurred to you that some- times, for some people, whenever you think about some new work, your head starts feeling tight, hot, and signs of a headache or migraine begin appearing?

Or when you’ve been given a new task to do, you feel heaviness on your shoulder, as if something is pushing you down there. You feel as if you’ve just been given a heavy burden to carry. These physical symptoms stem from the other 2 monsters mentioned above, or are simply a conditioned reflex or reaction to common things happening to you. That means you’re used to feeling a headache whenever you are given a new assignment to do. This can be overcome through reconditioning and the elimination of the previous 2 monsters.