Of all desserts the world has ever known, most of you will surely agree that cake is simply the best out there. However, people might not really agree on the flavors of cakes Singapore is famous for, that are the most delicious and worth eating. There are different types of cakes you can choose from but just because it has flour, sugar, eggs, and butter doesn’t always mean that it is already amazing. To finally end the debates and confusions, here are some of the best cake flavors of all time.

There is no doubt that chocolate cake is the best cake you could ever get and enjoy so it is not really surprising that it takes the number one spot in this list of the all-time favorite flavors of cakes in Singapore. What is there left to say about chocolate that wasn’t said before, yet? It is delicious, it is something that everyone craves for every time, and this works for pretty much all types of occasions. Chocolate cake is something that you can easily bake and bring to literally everything and anything, from birthday parties to work potlucks, holiday celebrations and other events and occasions in between. Are you starting to crave a slice of chocolate cake right now?

Some people might find vanilla cake and most of you will probably settle for chocolate instead of vanilla, However, there is no doubt that vanilla cake is also one of the best cakes ever, especially if you are the type who is crazy for frosting. Come to think of it. There are a lot of frosting flavors that can work well with vanilla cake. Of course, you can stick with the good old regular vanilla. You can also opt for chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, and lemon, and more. There are so many flavors for you to choose from. With vanilla being one of the most popular flavors for cakes Singapore, it surely deserves a spot in this list.

Red Velvet
The red velvet cake settles on the third place on the list for a good reason. For starters, its bright red color is fun and delightful to look at. This can perk up birthday parties and dessert tables. To top it all, the combination of chocolate flavor and cream cheese frosting is just too good to pass up. Red velvet cake’s color is courtesy of the red coloring that comes from food coloring or from beets for a healthier and more natural version. No matter where the color came from, people simply love this fancy and special cake.

Banana Chocolate
The last but definitely not the least cake flavor you can get is the banana chocolate cake or also known as the banana chocolate chip cake. Banana chocolate is among the best flavors for cakes in Singapore. This is chocolatey and sweet, a true epitome of perfection. If you find plain banana cake is too dull for you and you want something more exciting than good old plain chocolate, this combination can easily satisfy your palate.

Which of these flavors of cakes Singapore do you love the most?