The Basics of Tuition Centres in Singapore
Tuition centres in Singapore play a major part in the education system. Tuition centres are very popular in Singapore because they offer students the opportunity to get academic assistance from qualified teachers, who are usually subject experts. They also help to bridge the gap between students and the public school system. In Singapore, most tuition centres offer tuition for both primary and secondary school students.

Tuition centres have been around for decades now, and have been a source of guidance for many students. In recent years, tuition centres have seen an increase in enrolment as more parents look for them as a supplementary means of education. Tuition centres offer different tuition programmes from one-on-one sessions with a tutor, small group settings or large group settings where a student can learn with classmates. There are also programmes that cater to specific needs such as maths, science and English remediation courses.

Why You Need a Tuition Centre for your Child
Some people think that if their child is intelligent, they don’t need to enrol him or her in any tuition centre. But there are many reasons why parents still opt for a tuition centre for their child. Firstly, the quality of the education is good, so their child will be taught well by professionals who have years of experience in teaching young minds. Next, their child will have more opportunities to upgrade their knowledge and skills so that they can have a better future career. They can take a short break from their parenting responsibilities at least during the time when the children are being taught by totally professional adults with years of experience in teaching young minds and taking care of kids too just like at home.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Tuition Centre
Tuition centres are becoming an important part of the modern educational process. They are the perfect place for children to learn new skills and get ahead in life. But not all tuition centres are created equal. So before enrolling your child into one, make sure that you do your research first to find the best school for them. Here are some things to consider when choosing a good tuition centre.

Tuition Centre Familiar with the Latest MOE Syllabus
Good tuition centres must have a lot of experience teaching students according to the latest Ministry of Education (MOE) syllabus for the various primary and secondary levels. As an added bonus, they can offer advice on how to deal with the new syllabus as well as tips on what to study. More importantly, tuition centres can help students grow their skills and talents to better prepare for the curriculum based exams. It is recommended for parents to find a suitable tuition centre that is familiar with the latest MOE syllabus and its constant changes.

Have a Pool of Well Trained Tutors
The tuition centre must have tutors who are well-trained in the courses that they teach. There should be someone who can assist the students when they need it, and the tutor should also be able to use any tools available in order to provide assistance. The tutors should have training in classroom management techniques and working with different learning styles. They must be aware of the different methods of teaching to accommodate students according to their needs and abilities, including differentiation strategies for learners with special education needs or other exceptionalities. In addition, tutors must be skilled in assessing student learning capabilities, to identify strengths and weaknesses, including how to create assessments tailored for diverse learners. And notwithstanding, tutors should be qualified with a minimum of a polytechnic diploma or teaching certificate, but some tuition centres may require a bachelor’s degree or higher depending on the level and subject the tutors will be teaching.