Just like halal food in osaka or other cities, the abaya is another sought after item in the Muslim world. An Abaya is a clothing item covering the entire body including the head, feet, and hands. The Abayas used to have a universal size when they were first introduced in the market. The choice of fabric and design were a bit limited back then. But, this is no longer the case these days. Designers have added a more fashionable touch to the modern abaya dress that still looks decent and traditional. The Abaya is a type of simple and loose robe-like garment worn by Muslim ladies all over the world, specifically those in North Africa and Arabian Peninsula.

Today’s modern Abaya is available in different styles. Some of the more contemporary Abaya designs include Kaftans that are cut from light and flowing fabrics such as crepe, georgette, and chiffon. There are also modern Abayas that feature embroidery added on black fabric. There are also abayas made with bright colors adorned with artwork. The current trends in fashion have definitely transformed the traditional and old Abayas into more modern outfits in the best way possible.

The typical style of Abaya as an A-line black piece that features glued-on crystals is now replaced with more womanly, sophisticated, flowing, and womanly garments. The Abayas that you can find right now feature various shapes, designs, and cuts made by many trendsetting designers, including those based in the UAE. These designers are specifically doing some exciting experiments with the styles of the Abaya’s sleeves. Take a quick look at some of the most stylish and modest Abayas you can find right now that are guaranteed to set the market on fire:

Abayas with Bell Sleeves
This is a long sleeve that is fitted to the shoulder from the elbow. This has a gentle flare from the elbow onwards. The bell-shaped sleeves look more elegant when used on loose and free style modern Abayas.

Abayas with Flared Sleeves
It is a stylish and modern sleeve design featuring sparkly bead work on the sleeves’ edge.

Abayas with Panel Sleeves
Most modern Abayas today feature these panel-like sleeves. The sleeves are made in panels to permit shirt lining or sleeves.

Baggy Style Sleeves
Considered as the most fashionable modern Abaya, this features baggy sleeves to create a fancy look while reflecting cultural values.

Bat Wing Sleeves
This type of sleeves looks like the wings of bats, thus the name. These are loose long sleeves that feature deep armholes and tight wrists to create a stylish look.

Butterfly Sleeves
Butterfly sleeves have a wide flare from the armhole that extend to the elbow or write to provide a cape-like effect that results in that lovely butterfly appearance.

Cuffed Sleeves
Cuffed sleeves are long with a tight fit like a cuff on the wrist area. You can find different cuff designs including ribbon work or embroidery at the edges, buttons on the end of the cuffs, and satin fabric design.

Puffed Long Sleeves
These are balloon-shaped sleeves that are tight on the area of the wrist. With all the different designs, styles, and cuts of modern Abaya, Muslim ladies are sure to find the right look that best suits them.