You can use a mind exercise called image streaming to actually imagine an experience in which you play the role of a genius (either real-life or a conjured character) doing something that you wish you can master or do in real life, like start a halal hotel bangkok or something else.

Describe every physical characteristic of the ideal genius who can do what you want to do, then describe out loud to your recording medium the sensory details of him or her doing something that you want to learn to do so brilliantly.

Imagine this scene and describe it vividly, and actually feel awed by it. If you describe this imaginary scene vividly enough, feelings of awe will come naturally to you.

Then, after this genius has done what you want to learn to do (e.g. playing a particularly challenging piece of music on the violin), approach this genius and ask him or her permission to do either one of two things:-

Either you absorb this genius as a form of fuzzy essence into your body and allow this genius to ‘control’ you as you go about doing what this genius does best (e.g. playing the violin), or you enter the body of this genius as though you are a spirit wearing a new body and you experience playing the violin (just an e.g.) in the body of this genius.

Either way, it is up to you. But you still need to describe vividly and articulately to your recording medium all the sensory details of this imaginary experience.

This concludes our explanation of the this very helpful exercise you can try immediately to better visualise your desires. You can learn more about this exercise and much more in detail from the book “The Einstein Factor” by Win Wenger. Not only do I hope you have enjoyed reading this article as much as I have enjoyed writing it for you, but I also hope you will use what you’ve learnt in this article as a stepping stone to create even greater levels of happiness, creativity and love in your life by implementing everything you’ve read so far.