During this pandemic season, many people are forced to be at their home even during the holidays. Many of us are excited for this pandemic to be all over so we can travel to our dream destinations. For Muslims, many of them wants to travel during their holiday breaks. So here are some of the most Muslim friendly travel destination around the globe.

Malaysia is a multi cultural country and many of their people are Muslims. There are many tourist places that you can go explore in Malaysia. They have beach if you want to have a relaxing vacation. And they also have big cities and shopping centers if you are a person who really loves the city vibe.

Aside from all the tourist attractions that Malaysia has to offer, Halal food and halal restaurants near me in Malaysia cannot be missed. You can find a lot of halal food, from street food to restaurants. You also don’t have to miss out on your prayer hours because there are multiple mosques that are situated in Malaysia as many of them are Muslims also.

Like Malaysia, Thailand is a very multi cultural country. Although majority of the people there are Buddhist, there are also an acceptable number of people that are Muslims in Thailand. There are streets where Muslim communities live. They also have mosque and restaurants that offer halal food, especially in Bangkok.

Thailand has a lot of attractions to offer. Their culture are very rich and they have a lot of tourist spots that you can visit. Similar to Malaysia, it is up to you which vibe you want to choose, but you can have options in Thailand.

Again, similar to the two mentioned above, Singapore is also a multi-cultural country. They have many people with variety of cultural background and races. About more than 10% of the country’s population is Islam so you can expect that there are halal hotel singapore, and facilities and restaurants that are halal friendly.

We all know that aside from a good gastronomic experience that Singapore can offer, we all love a good shopping district. Singapore has a lot of brand shops not only for fashion, but also for tech gadgets that you need. So be sure that you credit cards and wallets are prepared for a shop till you drop day in Singapore.

If you want a little Europe experience, you might want to visit Germany. Germany has a number of Muslims living in the country so you can be sure that there will be facilities and restaurants that caters to them. Experience a cold weather, beautiful city view and historical sites when visiting Germany. Good food is always a good experience when going to a country and Germany can offer that to you also.

It is certain that we hope that for this pandemic to be finally over and we can all go back to our normal routines. Travelling will always be a good way of relieving stress. So we are all hoping for the best so we can travel again. And if you are planning your next destination, you might want to check the mentioned countries above.