Exploring the World of Halal Cuisine in Tokyo

Tokyo is known for its diverse and delicious culinary options, and halal cuisine is no exception. From traditional Japanese dishes to international flavors, Tokyo has something to offer for everyone. There is a lot to explore in the world of halal cuisine in Tokyo and discover the unique flavors of this vibrant city. There are also various use cases of halal food in Tokyo and how it can be used as a tool for cultural exchange between different communities. If you want to learn more about the best halal food at some of the popular restaurants in Tokyo and their specialties, then read the rest of this article.

Best Types of Food in Halal Restaurants at Popular Areas of Tokyo

In this section, we’ll explore some of the best types of food you can find in halal restaurants throughout Tokyo. We’ll discuss popular dishes like teriyaki chicken and karaage, as well as some famous dishes like yakiniku and ramen.

1) Teriyaki Chicken: Teriyaki chicken is a popular dish that has been served since the 1950s. It is a Japanese-style marinated and grilled chicken dish with a sweet soy glaze. This sweet and savory style of cooking has gained popularity throughout Japan, and today teriyaki chicken can be found on nearly every street corner in Tokyo. There are even many teriyaki chicken chains to choose from, which offers up-to-date flavors like matcha and strawberry for the times you are feeling really fancy.

2) Karaage: Karaage is a fried chicken dish that has deep-fried, typically with a light coat of flour. The batter is soaked in the cooking oil for a little bit before putting it in the frying pan to cook. This gives the outside crispness and a tender, slightly rubbery texture, which makes it really tasty. Karaage can be on its own or dipped in sauces like teriyaki sauce or soy sauce for an extra flavor hit. Karaage is popular as an appetizer and has been found at casual dining restaurants as well as upscale meals like sushi and ramen restaurants.

3) Yakiniku: Yakiniku is a type of Japanese barbecue. It is typically eaten with sauce, vegetables and a variety of raw or cooked meats. In general, it features marinated grilled meat on skewers that are then served with dipping sauces.

4) Ramen: Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup dish that originated from China and quickly became popular in Japan. The word “ramen” comes from the Chinese “ch’a-men,” meaning boiled noodles in soup. Made with wheat flour, water and salt, ramen dough can be boiled for 3 to 5 minutes before being cut into thin strips for use in dishes.


Halal restaurants in Tokyo offer a wide variety of delicious and authentic food that are sure to please any palate. From sushi to ramen, there is something for everyone. Popular areas such as Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Asakusa have some of the best halal restaurants in the city. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or a full-course meal, these areas have something to offer. For more information, check out halal food in tokyo or visit https://halalgo.com/2018/02/top-places-find-halal-food-tokyo/