Technology has been a big part of our lives these days. It has been a great contributor why we are living this life of convenience. Can you imagine your life without your smart phone? I don’t think you still can. With this fast-paced world, it is important for us that we are connected, and everything are within our reach. With just one click, you can reach the world.

With all these technology, one important company that we should thank is a software company singapore or the rest of the world has to offer. Software companies should be credited for all these softwares that they developed to make our daily lives easier. Imagine if no one developed email, and we are still writing business mail via letters or telegrams.

Here are some of the top software companies in the world.

Microsoft Corp.
Microsoft Corp is a technological company that develops wide range of software from operating systems to video games. Their services are wide-range and caters businesses and personal use. They are offering services such as cloud based solutions, and solution support and consulting services. It is safe to say that they are one of the largest, if not the largest, software company that exists these days.

Oracle Corp.
Oracle Corp is a company that is know for its software solution for information management. This is the reason that they are used widely by businesses for their sales, service, marketing, finance, human resources etc. They are also offering cloud solutions and services.

Founded in Germany on 1972, SAP SE is a leader in ERP or enterprise resource planning software. Over the years, SAP had grown into a company that provides end to end solution for businesses. They also provide trainings, and business consultation to help businesses to achieve their goals. Inc. is a company that provides customer relationship management service. Their company aims to bring companies and customers together according to their website. They provide a one integrated CRM to unite all the business units in your business.

Adobe Inc.
Adobe Inc. focuses on software company that specializes on media, whether print or electronic. They are providing solutions for creating, managing, optimizing contents for customers. Basically, their softwares are more for multimedia content creation. They are also now expanding to cloud solutions and digital marketing tools.

There are still a lot of software companies out there that supports and caters to different business or personal need. It can be said that software companies are so far the most stable companies these days. This is of course considering that these companies will continue to evolve together with the technology. We don’t see that technology will stop growing in the future.

And that goes hand in hand with the development of all these softwares. If you are also interested in investing to these software companies, then you might want to check them out. Research about them on how they perform in the market. The abovementioned companies are companies based from Investopedia. You must do your own research if you are planning to invest on them in the stock market.